Sunday, May 20, 2012

Two Authors - blurbs for print version

I've contacted two author friends who've agreed to do a review of The Adventures of Reztap and provide me with blurbs of their impression of the book for the back of the paperback print version. That is awesome!

Great site on Joe McKinney with links to all his books:
Joe is probably one of the top Zombie writers out there - his books are deep and engaging.

Here's Norman Ray Fitt's personal page with links to his books and screenplay services:
Ray (as I like to call him) is a top notch sci-fi writer. He has in depth technical scenarios that are touched with humanity. Very moving stories.

I worked through most of the day today getting the book formatted corrected for print. Funny thing is I originally formatted it for printing and then reformatted for eBook - making all the editorial changes to the eBook version. So I had no choice but to start from the eBook version and work my way back.

Print version of The Adventures of Reztap should be available in June - to celebrate, here is a coupon code good thru the end of June for 25% off the eBook version at Smashwords: JU69W

Please share with all your friends - there will be sci-fi fans among them!


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