Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book One is Done!

Book One is Done!

eBook published at Smashwords (, the first of many books about Tar Reztap and his friend Gorth is "in the bag." (

I commission a cover by a nice artist off of Deviant Art (Dragon Lady 212 ( I had a particular look I wanted for the cover, so I searched through the art samples posted there until I found someone who was creating art in the style I wanted. Here is a copy of the cover I commissioned:

This is a science fiction humor book. It has a bit of an irreverent, sophomoric feel to it. The antics the pair get into are comical and sometimes deadly. If you've enjoyed The Big Bang Theory TV show, then you won't be put off by any of the humor in here. I would rate it PG.

I'm working on finding some reviewers for it. Hope to post links to those reviews soon.

If you're interested in a humorous, science fiction tale that pokes fun at many tropes in the genre, please check it out. On the plus side, you can hit up the web page and get a nice preview of the book before you buy. I think that's a nice touch by Smashwords.

The book will soon (hopefully) be available on iTunes (iPhone, iPad), Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook). If you just can't wait, you can purchase the book at Smashwords and view it in a multitude of formats (HTML, PDF, RTF .mobi, and plain text.) From what I understand, the .mobi file is a Kindle format - I just have no idea how you get the file onto your Kindle - if you know how, you can beat the crowds by getting it now before it gets to Amazon.

Always interested to hear comments about the book, your feelings about the book, and booky things in general. However, still not interested in revealing where my book cave is. Don't even mention the bookpole.

Artemus out!

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