Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Biz Cards Are In!

A little marketing talk for this blog. I just got my business card handouts with the book cover on one side and ordering information on the other side including a coupon code for 25% off the eBook. These are exactly what I wanted... four days before they arrived at Comicpalooza.

Now, what to do with cards that have a coupon that expires at the end of the month? It's actually not a big deal. This is, after all, a learning experience. So I have learned I need to order things WAY ahead of when I will need them for a marketing engagement. The faux cards I printed up on my inkjet were nice, but they weren't double-sided - no book cover...and no name of the book either. I slapped them together so fast I just pasted the coupon text from the business cards and blew it up to print.

In my defense... well, actually, it is indefensible. Should have thought about lead times and other things. So, you savvy readers and writers out there, remember to prepare adequately for delays!

The business cards themselves look really nice. Although, next time I'm going to pay the extra for glossy. Personal preference, I just think it will look that much better. Nice size too. I think it will be handy for slipping into your pocket to use later. Too big and you will not want to carry it around. However, if given out at a convention, bigger is better - and everyone has a bag to carry stuff around in. Business card size handier for book counters and casual laying about of the cards. Bigger ones for Cons.

Coupon is a great idea. Putting a nearby expiration date for the coupon, not so great. It gives the cards a limited lifespan at full value. In a month, the coupon is no longer any good. I did design it almost two months out, but still, that was pretty short-sighted.

And so, my friends, I hope you learn from my mistakes and go on to make some of your own! How else will we learn but by making mistakes?


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