Saturday, June 2, 2012


The paperbacks are in the store!  Well, the online store.

The not quite yet reviewed one from The Book Patch is available here:

Scroll down to the bottom - I think there are only eight science fiction titles on the web site.

Why "not quite reviewed?" Well, I have ordered a single copy to look at (my own version of a galley proof), but it won't be here for about two weeks. I could've gotten it faster, but cash flow being what it isn't... SO, please be aware that I have not verified the final copy - I don't know if it is a good quality binding and printing yet.

The other version is on hold pending review at Amazon. I don't have a link for it yet, but will share it when I do. The review is supposed to take less than 48 hours. Of course, I've seen things come in faster than the estimate and also take longer, sometimes much longer than the estimate. My first time with publishing through Amazon, so I don't know exactly what to expect.

Mind you, the eBook is much cheaper through Smashwords (, but I know some of you prefer to have the paper hard copy in your hand. I'm trying to accommodate both types of readers.

This was an all-day process, readying the two PDFs for print (Amazon and The Book Patch have slightly different requirements.) I also had to format the book covers. This has been an interesting learning process. I can say the same for the marketing aspect.

I will update you all when I know more. Hope your weekend has been as productive as mine.


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